Dr Who is back! And with a bit of a shock twist. The Doctors new sidekick is introduced earlier than expected and fans are left wondering how things will go over the next few episodes. Jenna-Louise Coleman plays Oswin and already fan art is popping up on the web, the lads are admitting their love for her character and girls wanting to dress up as her at fancy dress parties. Gun slinging Lara Crofts will drop, geeky Oswin Oswalds will rise. No doubt #Oswin has been trending!

If you know me you’ll know I *love* people that colour coordinate their clothes (Like the mature lady I met in the High Street last weekend in powder pink from head to toe!). Oswin’s outfit was predominantly red. Red flowers in her hair, red lipstick, short red dress with sleeves, red and white striped socks. You’ll also know I love how shoes can finish off a look and change the tone…

Companionclothes put together this image on Polyvore which then got blogged on Tumblr, showing an Oswin photo and the items needed to put the look together. I suspect the parts were all taken from items available on Polyvore.

Pink shoes with what look like Velcro fastenings? No no no, no! 😉 A quick Google Image search for “Red Lace Up Wedge Shoes” found the right ones: my1stwish.co.uk Jasmine red wedge platform heel trainers. (Image used with permission of My1stWish)

I’m looking forward to seeing my first Oswin Oswald tribute on the High Street!