It’s been quite a satisfying week; some new code I’m very pleased with written for an IT client, some new photography contacts and DIY at home giving our rooms a fresh new look. Amazing what you can do with a tin of paint or two. And the house wasn’t the only thing to get painted. This Sunday sees me return to the studio for another test shoot.

Instead of the silver bounce reflector I will be using a large beauty dish. One of the old Bowens bowls has been adapted with a home made diffuse reflector and flash mount.

The front dish is the bottom to a cake tin sprayed white with Hammerite. The wooden disc fits snugly into the rear opening in the dish and also grips a 580EXII. The two are held together with a long bolt and three wing nuts. The nuts and single bolt allow the reflector to be quickly moved backwards and forwards to alter the spread of light.

The plan was to use the old camera ball mount shown in the top image to attach it to a stand or boom. Trying to tighten it during testing this morning the lever snapped! Being able to exert 30lb of pressure with your finger tips can have its drawbacks 🙁 Thankfully a more robust Manfroto bracket I use for the bounce umbrella bolts nicely onto the bowl with the old redundant R-Strap disc.

Now all I need to do is get it on a suitable stand in the studio and start taking some shots! I’m excited to see the results and prove that this DIY dish can deliver the light I think it can.