I’ve loved 3D graphics ever since I had CAD-3D and Cyber Sculpt for the Atari ST and later VIVID and POV-Ray for the PC. My CAD-3D animation work got me my first published articles and demonstrating the products at a large computer show. Things have moved on loads in the years since with things like the sophisticated human and animal figures in DAZ 3D that with inverse kinematics bend and move the figure as you’d expect when an element such as a finger is moved in a scene.

I’m still learning some of the details of DAZ 3D, finding out how to do things like edit a faces texture image to add extra details. At times I find the folder structure that the various models and accessories create a pain to navigate but like everything else in life practice makes perfect.  Over the weeks the initial nude virtual model, my equivalent of the artists wooden doll, was clothed, given Dalek props and has been given some better skin.

It was time to play with lighting. The overall effect I’m looking for is my Oswin lookalike looking up to the stars in the night sky, being lit mostly from above. “Rescue me chin boy, and show me the stars“. One thing is clear. The ceiling in the studio may be a bit on the low side, I’m going to have to get creative with the light sources when the real shoot is done.  Much as I like working with DAZ 3D nothing beats working with real people.

The Dalek models used are from “Sam Therapy” are copyright (C) Paul A Bellamy 2012.  Daleks copyright BBC Worldwide and the estate of Terry Nation.

UPDATE: I’ve switched from Victoria to the newer Genesis model in DAZ3D as using this model has a lot of benefits. Like morphs that make clothes fit better and not look like their clinging to the skin. The main image in the tile at the top of the page is now Genesis with the Cerella addition for shape and skin colour.