Driving over to my parents today to wish Dad a happy fathers day I spotted two coordinated drivers out with their cars. I wish I’d seen them both at the same time and been able to stop them, with the sun out it would have made for a fun image – him with a yellow tshirt and his yellow Fiat 500, her with a pink hoodie and her pink Fiat 500! I’ll store that away for a possible future shoot theme.

I was presently surprised to be shown a couple of photos of my father as a young boy of around 4, with his brothers and sisters. I’ve seen many photos from that period, the surprise was it being the first colour image I’d seen from 1937 shot on Dufaycolor! My father explained how the film was trickier to make and process, the person behind the images must have been into their photography. Seeing my father and twin brother in their brightly coloured shorts was rather special. Interesting how the film worked, not unlike the modern dSLR cameras as the film had tiny red, blue and green pixels like areas rather than layered emulsions.

Anyone who’s been reading my blog will know my views on coordinating shoes with an outfit. They can change the feel of a shoot instantly. Coordinating on other levels is great too, Mr Yellow and Ms Pink with their cars would have been brilliant together. On the subject of cars, wanting to do some outdoor shoots I’d got to thinking about them as accessories last weekend.

With the Bromley Motor Pageant on last Sunday it was an ideal place to take a lunch break from the days DIY activity. Many thanks to Nick and Steve, hopefully the weather will hold out long enough to get a team together and get some shoots done. Reds first I think, then something more Fast and Furious!