On the last day of July I’d been shopping with Sophie when I spotted this young lad out with friends. He had his hair died blonde and combed up into what I can only describe as a flat top crown. His hair and clothes caught my attention, here was a lad who definitely had his own sense of style, what he was later to describe as “indie, hipster”. I gave Tyler my card and explained what I do, hoping that we could do a studio shoot. He’s the fastest ever to reply, I had an email from him when I returned to my PC that evening! Then work and home DIY projects took their toll and the weeks slipped by, we had to put a date in the diary to give ourselves something to aim towards.

When I got to the studio today I  found that Tyler’s blonde hair had gone, the school clearly has an issue with peoples individuality as they’d given him only a day to change it. I think that’s a real shame, his hair wasn’t in any way offensive.  As requested Tyler had brought a number of outfits and shoes. We got to shoot a number of combinations, the two hours in the studio was gone in a flash! Sophie was along for both shoots today, she had a real giggle at her father trying to show Tyler some of the poses. Tyler, the “Blue Steel” reference (aimed at me) was from Ben Stiller’s character in  Zoolander. Stay tuned for a few more images from the shoot and a MARKSE cover..