I had a couple of fun shoots today. The second was with Dr Karen Lowton, Senior Lecturer in Ageing & Health at Kings’s College London. It all started with a few comments on Facebook after Karen posted a partial photo of her latest haircut.

Karen: Nipped out for the haircut – any more would break the camera.
Me: Break the camera? Don’t believe it, cameras are pretty tough these days sis, I know I’ve taken enough self portraits and had the camera survive to prove it šŸ˜‰
Karen: Mark, I challenge you to take a photogenic photo of me – whenever you’re ready and have photoshop loaded…
Me: What’s your diary like 14:00 Sunday then?
Karen: It’s free – see you there. Crickey. X
Anne: Looking forward to seeing this Mark fella’s photo…
Sarah: Lovely hair, by the way and just look at your eyelashes too!

I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I set the soft box up with it’s top against the studio ceiling with me underneath, almost wearing it like a hat with the camera lens right up against the bottom. It’s a technique I’ve used before and I love the results. I used some of the jaw line advice from former model and ace photographer Peter Hurley. As Peter would say, Shebang! The shot was taken.

An the first comment on her photo once loaded onto Facebook this evening?

Sarah: Bloody stunning! Mark told you so!

Job Done šŸ™‚ I’m happy!