During one of my fashion and portrait shoots the person being photographed may use a number of different outfits and each may be shot in a number of different ways. When sorting through the images to select the best I find it helps to group like shots into subfolders in the Lightroom catalogue.

Meta tags could be used but I’d rather they didn’t accidentally get into any exported images, it’s just messy and unprofessional. Images might be tagged into multiple groups or no group,  so I stick to folders as an image when moved can only exist in one place at a time.  I’ve found this set of folders sufficient for most editing sessions.  If you’re finding your image selection taking longer than you’d like give it a try..

  • BTS (Behind the scenes) – setup shots that show lighting positions, MUA at work, etc
  • Folded – any pose where height is compressed through sitting, crouching down
  • Friends – images of the person with friends and family that attended
  • Full Length – head to toe shots
  • Portrait – as the name suggests
  • Three Qtr – images cropped above the knees