Stella and her daughter Phoebe came along to the 3 person clone shoot with MOT Model Lucy Cates at the studio this afternoon. If I’ve ever had one of “Those Days” this was surely it! At home I’d gone through a check-list of all the things I needed to bring. “Mic and stand? In the car…“.  Then looking at all the other things I needed to bring, tripod, stands, beauty dish, electric guitar and saxophone, etc., I decided to take my wife’s car with it’s much bigger boot. I would normally have folded the rear seats down but today I’d be picking up Lucy from the station to help ensure she didn’t get soaked getting to the studio. My MUA had to cancel as her child minder had let her down, so Plan B had to be invoked – visiting the local Boots.

So there I was at the No. 7 make-up counter with Sophie and Lucy, the clock was ticking and I wasn’t setting up lights and the camera. My mind started thinking about what I’d set up first, props or equipment? Then it hit me, something was missing from the pile of things on the studio floor..  Standing in Boots I’d realised my “boots” error. I’d switched cars and hadn’t grabbed the mic from my car’s boot! Thankfully the home to studio trip was short, another 10+ minutes lost as I made the round trip to get the primary prop. At the studio Stella and Phoebe were patiently waiting. Both Sophie and Phoebe were taking their own shots while I had my camera on the tripod for the clones. With their family being very musical Phoebe fell in love with the chrome microphone, hopefully it’s in full working order and not just a prop! There’s one thing I should warn anyone that comes along to one of my shoots and dares to step in front of the lens:

THERE’S A GOOD CHANCE YOU WILL GET SHOT! Quit possibly at 1/125sec f/14 🙂

Images from the shoot proper after a good bit of editing..