Got one of these cards and wondering about the test shoots I spoke of? Chances are I’ve bumped into you in town, it may have been your face, hair, make-up, fashion style or everything combined that caught my attention.

I’m shooting TFCD fashion and portrait tests with thirteen different lighting setups. I’ve got a few styles still to allocate, hence my asking. Results from the shoots will be appearing over time in the blog.  They’re being shot in the studio at Snappy Snaps Bromley on Sunday afternoons, 12:00 onwards. Please check the “Upcoming Events” list on the right for my availability. I’m only doing one such shoot each Sunday so if there’s any entry listed for a day consider it unavailable. Studio availability will need to be checked before any date can be confirmed.

If you’ve never modelled before have a read of my tips for new models, there might be something of use to you.  Please note this is purely fashion and portraits. Any requests on the day to change the nature of the shoot will be politely declined.

Friends and family are not only welcome along, their attendance is actively encouraged.

If interested but under 18 you must ensure you can bring an adult family member with you before agreeing to a shoot.

If you’d like a Make-Up artist along please let me know well in advance so that arrangements can be made.

MUA Sets 1&2: Kiran Lathia-Shah