Thanks to the program’s fictitious Amelia Sequence, the number 3185296328795229751188 that links all things together, I did a bit of Google searching and found myself coming back to my favourite topics art, design and photography.

The show is itself linking a number of things together via the fans making reference to it.

I use Adobe’s Lightroom a lot but hadn’t made use of the other crop grids until last night when I read about it’s Phi related overlays. Hitting “O” while in the crop mode cycles through them all. Looking at the rule of thirds, rule of Phi and the Golden rule I captured how the crop lines overlay the image. In the Phi grid crop the ladies thy leads the eye up into the image. The gent in the background on the right always felt right, notice how his head is on the curve of the third overlay? I’d expect our brains to be taking all these crops and patterns in at one when analysing an image.

Taking the last overlay from the thee shown I did a landscape crop of the image and like the proportions.