It’s an issue that I’ll raise when I see parents taking photos of their children. They’ll often stand with the camera to their face and need to look downwards to compose the shot. The resulting image reinforces the “You’re smaller than me”. Some times that’s what’s wanted, and it can look cute with toddlers, recreating the loving looks the parents see. For young children I suggest coming down to their eye level. The difference in view point will change the composition quite drastically, bringing the environment around them into view rather than the ground or floor on which they rest or play.

I was reminded of this by the exact opposite. While checking equipment for an event I asked my daughter to take a shot. She asked me to raise my head towards the light and being shorter than me the first image had an air of “I look down on you” that I wasn’t happy with. Getting onto my knees changed her view point in relation to my face and the second shot was much better.

Getting below eye level can help at times, for example power dressing fashion or corporate shots, but be careful not to have the subject lower their head to look at the camera. Doing so will create or enhance a double chin!