This post is for all of the kids, parents and adults that have seen me out with Ben Bo while doing my Google Business Photos work, noted the ‘Google “MARKSE”‘ on the reflector bag and are now here. He’s getting a LOT of smiles! 😀 And causing a number of conversations to start.

Today Ben was confirmed to be a monkey, not a dog, by a young Ben 10 fan sat on the Hammersmith & City line with his mother. I showed him the draft of this post and asked if he knew where Ben was pointing to on the map. He was visibly pleased to learn that my Ben comes from China. “That’s were I come from!” he beamed 🙂

I called him Ben because he protects the top of my Benbo tripod on which I’ve got some specialist hardware. And he protects other things and people from the things he’s hiding. One of which has some edges that can scratch. I had my new glasses scratched two weeks ago and Ben is making sure it doesn’t happen again.