• A strong feeling of affection or sexual attraction for someone
  • A great interest and pleasure in something
  • A tennis score of zero
  • A song by many artists, my favorite being “What is Love?” by Haddaway
  • My passion for fashion and people photography!
  • A twice-yearly magazine published by Cond√© Nast / Vogue

The magazine is filled with great fashion photography and printed on high quality paper throughout. With ~ 118gsm paper and 220 physical pages it weighs in at a hefty 1800 grams, yes 1.8Kg! It’s a dream of a magazine for the coffee table of the the fashion fan with many inspiring outfits and photographs. Some of my photographer friends would benefit from a “What makes this a good photo” session when we next meet.

My love for people and fashion photography hasn’t seen much light the last few months with other demands on my time and terrible weather. I aim to put that right in the following months with a number of shoots, weather and studio dates permitting.

  • A shoot with a vintage Lady Pearls dress, hopefully 2013’s weather and availability of people will allow the shoot to happen this year.
  • A red themed creative shoot with a new model Jodi, her man and the red dress above.
  • The micromesh body and business suit themed shoot I’ve had a casting call for on Purple Port.
  • Some collaborative shoots with the guys following the Bromley Photographers Facebook page.
  • The “KCACO” shoot now that I’ve found a fantastic space to shoot out of – big enough to park a few London buses and only ¬£30/hour to rent!
  • The “That’s not a moon…” Star Wars themed shoot with Katherine and some of the 501st if we can get the timing right.

So you know some of my passions; people and fashion, what are yours?

Happy Valentine’s Day!