Don’t get me wrong, I love doing my Google Maps Business View work (Street View inside), but having to blur faces always feels wrong. It’s what we all use to greet each other, show our emotions. So when I took a break from work to see friends at MCM London Comic Con this Saturday I knew I’d be enjoying myself. Here’s a few favorites and the gallery. If you’re in one and want a copy feel free to get in touch. I’ll be back Sunday, if you want a shot just ask.

1&2: The best headpiece of the show. This young lady and her father parked next to me in the morning, I didn’t get to see the full costume until the evening. Awesome eh? 3: Like the idea of PREDATOR Dark Ages? I do! Check out @Predator_DA and see the teams first trailer.

4: Fellow Whovians DON’T BLINK! You may not recognise Sarah Louise Madison without her makeup but she’s the lead weeping angel. 5: I loved how the blacks and reds of this photographers stop matched the black and red Canon theme. And just as I was about to shoot his daughter wanted in on the photo 🙂 6: these girls asked if I was taking photos for others and did I charge. Hell no, MCM is my time off the clock! Their father is a fellow Trekkie, apparently he likes shouting “Shatner!” to get the rest of the family to overact a little 🙂 7: Clive Double had these four acting out an attack. Gruesome! 8: Gary Nicholls blew me away with the steampunk artwork he’s creating. A set of limited edition prints on aluminium.

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