Back at MCM Comic Con today I’d been wandering around without any particular destination and found myself back at the autograph table of Sarah Louise Madison.  Sarah had said yesterday that she’d be sans hat today so I asked for another shot. A couple taken we had a little chat and something made me look to my right.  I knew I was at Comic Con, surrounded by other whovians, by my inner voice still asked “No, it couldn’t be, is it?“. Yup, Steven Moffat was feet away looking at another table with his son. Sarah walked over and said hello.  My inner voice screamed “Photo Op!”. Sarah needed only the tiniest bit of convincing.

An “Excuse me please Sir..” from me to Steven and he agreed.  Seconds before he’d declined an autograph to someone else on the grounds he was looking after his son so I’d been expecting a polite no. Maybe he agreed because it wasn’t for myself? Regardless – Result!  Thank you Steven for making the exception.  This one’s for you Sarah, I will check out Cops and Monsters!  Keep doing what you do with Dr Who Steven, I’m looking forward to the Peter Capaldi years.