Let sleeping dogs dry – OlloClip test

by on Apr.14, 2015, under Misc

Claud is a talented sand artist you might spot in Bromley or surrounding towns at the weekend.

I’d got an OlloClip to test thanks to my friend Paul’s review on ForbesLife minutes before. I wanted it so I could go more wide angle with my iPhone 6, as an alternative to the dSLR or G11. The clip can stay on my key ring at all times, so even if I pop out without photography in mind I’ve got a choice of lenses. It’s got issues, the DoF isn’t that great, but for the size and convenience it’s great for simple snaps.

I returned to the spot a little later to see Claud and his companions packing away, seeing this sculpture being broken apart was heartbreaking, the marble eyes giving it a lifelike look that 100% sand wouldn’t have.

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Gallery from MCM London Comic Con Sunday 25th

by on May.26, 2014, under Misc

Here’s the gallery from my day 2 at Comic Con, Sunday 25th, for those that want the better resolution image instead of the Facebook version.

I didn’t take anywhere near as many shots as I’d planned due to multiple battery failures. I think I’ve got some defective cells in my many NiMH sets.  Yet another job for the bank holiday Monday!

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Thank you Sarah Louise Madison! Photo with Steven Moffat

by on May.25, 2014, under Misc

Back at MCM Comic Con today I’d been wandering around without any particular destination and found myself back at the autograph table of Sarah Louise Madison.  Sarah had said yesterday that she’d be sans hat today so I asked for another shot. A couple taken we had a little chat and something made me look to my right.  I knew I was at Comic Con, surrounded by other whovians, by my inner voice still asked “No, it couldn’t be, is it?“. Yup, Steven Moffat was feet away looking at another table with his son. Sarah walked over and said hello.  My inner voice screamed “Photo Op!”. Sarah needed only the tiniest bit of convincing.

An “Excuse me please Sir..” from me to Steven and he agreed.  Seconds before he’d declined an autograph to someone else on the grounds he was looking after his son so I’d been expecting a polite no. Maybe he agreed because it wasn’t for myself? Regardless – Result!  Thank you Steven for making the exception.  This one’s for you Sarah, I will check out Cops and Monsters!  Keep doing what you do with Dr Who Steven, I’m looking forward to the Peter Capaldi years.

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Snaps from MCM London Comic Con May 2014

by on May.25, 2014, under Misc

Don’t get me wrong, I love doing my Google Maps Business View work (Street View inside), but having to blur faces always feels wrong. It’s what we all use to great each other, show our emotions. So when I took a break from work to see friends at MCM London Comic Con this Saturday I knew I’d be enjoying myself. Here’s a few favorites and the gallery. If you’re in one and want a copy feel free to get in touch. I’ll be back Sunday, if you want a shot just ask.

1&2: The best headpiece of the show. This young lady and her father parked next to me in the morning, I didn’t get to see the full costume until the evening. Awesome eh? 3: Like the idea of PREDATOR Dark Ages? I do! Check out @Predator_DA and see the teams first trailer.

4: Fellow Whovians DON’T BLINK! You may not recognise Sarah Louise Madison without her makeup but she’s the lead weeping angel. 5: I loved how the blacks and reds of this photographers stop matched the black and red Canon theme. And just as I was about to shoot his daughter wanted in on the photo :) 6: these girls asked if I was taking photos for others and did I charge. Hell no, MCM is my time off the clock! Their father is a fellow Trekkie, apparently he likes shouting “Shatner!” to get the rest of the family to overact a little :) 7: Clive Double had these four acting out an attack. Gruesome! 8: Gary Nicholls blew me away with the steampunk artwork he’s creating. A set of limited edition prints on aluminium.

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No covers for 2013.. yet

by on Apr.20, 2013, under Misc

So far 2013’s been a very very busy year!  I’m a busy photographer working in the Google Business Photos program, not only working on GBP shoots but also working on an invention (both hardware and software) to make the process less prone to errors. I’m also a very busy IT Specialist. With GBP & IT taking up so much of my time studio shoots have fallen by the wayside. I hope to get the inventing wrapped up soon and get back to some personal projects – image editing and shooting in the studio with a number of people I’d contacted last year.

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My local studio: Snappy Snaps Bromley

by on Jan.13, 2013, under Misc

I’ve had someone post a message via the sites contact form tonight asking which studio I use.  As they made a typo when entering their email address I’ve been unable to reply. Anyone wondering where it is, here’s the address.

Snappy Snaps Bromley
31 Market Square

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Back to Pinterest with Secret Boards

by on Nov.11, 2012, under Misc

I loved Pinterest when it first started and created a number of boards. It was a brilliant way to collect photos, show others ideas for photoshoots; clothes, accessories, etc. Then the words “Copyright Infringement” started to be mentioned by a lot of other photographers and lawyers. Unless they get permission people don’t have the right to make an image visible on another web site [or Facebook page] not under the original artists control.  There were also issues with the original source of the images being lost with all the repinning. One of my photographer idols were telling people to get with the modern world and use it, but he was in my mind publishing a lot of images, not necessarily pinning work of others that might come after him with a lawsuit.
Other photographers were reporting stories of firms in the US that were chasing people for very high dollar values.  Not wanting a copyright issue I stopped using it.  That’s changed.  In the last few days Pinterest launched a new service – Secret Boards.
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Fun new App “Collage Frames Shuffle”

by on Nov.08, 2012, under Misc

Fellow Flickr user Mike B Newton has a fun app out for the iPhone called Collage Frames Shuffle. Like Diptic it allows you to place a number of images into a rectangle.  Unlike Dyptic you start by selecting the images you want to work with, be they live from the camera, an album, Facebook or Flickr.  You then “shuffle” the photos layout until you find one you like. Finally dragging the photo in each frame element allows you to centre them in the way you’d like before exporting to an Album, Email, Facebook, tumbr., Flickr, twitter or instagram.

There’s also a Collage Frames Shuffle App Flickr group for showing off your results.

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A fish out of water? Far from it, a fish eye and LOTS of water!

by on Jul.16, 2012, under Misc

I’ve recently added a Sigma 8mm fisheye lens to my equipment list and have been experimenting with a number of panorama creation programs. My findings are easy to summarise: You get what you pay for, PTGui at £65 is the best I’ve found so far in terms of a program you can download to your laptop or workstation. Its ability to stitch images together is 1st class and the PTGui Pro version at ~ £130 can do HDR blending of multiple exposures for scenes with high contrast. I have found one better but it’s an online application to a closed user group.  More on that in a while! (read the rest of the post…)

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Racy, classy, fun, classic. Cars and colour coordination coincidences?

by on Jun.17, 2012, under Misc

Driving over to my parents today to wish Dad a happy fathers day I spotted two coordinated drivers out with their cars. I wish I’d seen them both at the same time and been able to stop them, with the sun out it would have made for a fun image – him with a yellow tshirt and his yellow Fiat 500, her with a pink hoodie and her pink Fiat 500! I’ll store that away for a possible future shoot theme.

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