Let there be light! Shooting with a silver brolly at a party

by on Jan.17, 2012, under Party!, Portraits, Tips n Tricks

I got a message from a fellow photographer Michele saying a football friend had asked her to take some shots at his mothers birthday party at Bromley Football Club on Saturday evening. She was unable to make it and wondered if I was interested. As the club is only a stones throw from home and I would only be needed for a couple of hours late in the evening I accepted. It turned out Michele’s friend is Mike Delaney, founder of Skills Academy, the soccer training organisation for 5-12 year olds. Mike is also a football choreographer helping put together fast paced action video commercials for clients like Nike, Pepsi, Adidas & Reebok. (read the rest of the post…)

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Counting down to Christmas

by on Nov.27, 2011, under Party!

Finishing the editing of all Rob & Yvette’s wedding and Seniha’s party shots this past week has helped emphasise just how slow the system is getting. As of Thursday night the images from Seniha’s 2011 Zumba Anniversary Party were edited with the upload started early Friday morning. Maybe it’s time to put a replacement system on the wish list for Father Christmas. Either that or wipe it and install fresh with only the most used apps going back on.

Guests at Seniha’s party were predominantly women in a good range of party outfits with some lovely dresses. Just what a fashion fan likes! There were a few favourites; nice and simple LBDs, smart jump suits, a very pleated number with long sleeves possibly inspired by the outfit on a Maria Carey CD cover, a black mid length dress with longer sheer outer layer over a shorter solid skirt, and the simple but lovely print dress at the top of the post.
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Nutty, Funny, Sexy, Crazy Booth

by on Nov.21, 2011, under Party!

Potential clients often use the phrase “typical wedding” when making enquiries, I honestly don’t think such a thing exists. People are all different, they pick different locations, have different wedding services and priorities when it comes to photography. 11/11/11 was another great day to remember. I was photographing Rob and Yvette’s wedding at Nunnsmear Hall Hotel, the classic Victorian mansion in the Cheshire countryside.

Yvette had asked that I set up a “Crazy Booth” for her guests to use – a studio like setup, camera on a tripod and a shutter release the guests can use to take their own shots.

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Dirty bit WEDDING flash mob

by on Oct.19, 2011, under Party!

My friend Mark Humphreys was born in the UK but moved to the USA with family at a young age – though old enough to remember and miss some of the UK’s finest food and drink products by Heinz and PG :)

He describes himself as “Very happily married with three great kids, a beautiful wife, and plenty to keep myself busy.”

Part of that plenty comes from his wedding photography. Mark recently posted a photo from a wedding shoot for clients Aileen & Joe, with a link to a video someone had shot of the first dance. Now here’s a Bride and Groom that worked with the Bridesmaids and Ushers to entertain their guests. He tells me “The bride and groom are excited to have as many youtube views as they have”, let’s see if we can get them a few more!

With a lot of couples in the UK also liking the energy of BEP tracks I wonder how many this side of the pond will go to these lengths. Enjoy!

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Japan Tsunami Appeal 太鼓 Taiko Drummers

by on May.25, 2011, under Party!

Getting an action shot of a group of Taiko Drummers performing in a pub that I was really happy with was a lot harder than I’d expected. These guys drum with *so* much power and speed trying to time the perfect shot is close to impossible. I decided to watch for general posture and catch enough frames to find one with their arms in suitable places, their faces not being hidden by the bachi (very heavy duty drumsticks!). The rest of the shots from the evening are in the Coppermine Gallery here. Thanks to all that attended and help further the money raised for the Red Cross Japan Tsunami Appeal.

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Best wishes William and Catherine!

by on Apr.29, 2011, under Party!

There are a large number of photographers I admire, many of whom are unknown to the rest of my family.  There’s one that both my wife and I agree on, photographer Mario Testino, who photographed Princess Diana for Vanity Fair. We especially like the shot of Diana reclining in the chair in her long black dress. I wouldn’t say we have been big royalists but we did have a thing for Diana and do follow what her sons are up to.

Photo via and courtesy of: Prince of by Mario Testino/Clarence House Press Office

I do love a big wedding and you can’t get much bigger than this one! Best wishes for your big day!!

Got to run.. got a BBQ to set up :D

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At the next wedding reception I’m wearing a gum shield! ;^)

by on Mar.22, 2011, under Party!

At the vast majority of wedding receptions there’s an extra event that sticks in your mind. Thinking back to the last three; at Sam and Tim’s there was the lads doing “The Beer Dance” and Sam and her girl friends doing a cheeky recreation of a holiday shot. Sara sang for the guests, Armagan and his friends did a traditional dance, making a number of ladies blush and question what he had under his kilt when he started doing the spin jumps. All fun, entertaining and quite safe for the wedding photographer.

Marie and James had a lovely reception at the Lot Road pub off the Kings Road. While taking some family shots outside I learnt that the mother of the bride and two other ladies had picked the same dress. That was an opportunity not to be missed! I got the flash up on a stand with shoot through umbrella and got ready, I’d ask the ladies to get into the Charlie’s Angels pose. What I hadn’t expected was a surge of guests with cameras and phones like paparazzi swarming around Paris Hilton stepping out of a night club! At one point I found myself against the back wall wondering if I’d get a chance for many more clear shots. The moment was over in a flash but I’d managed to bag a few shots without anyone cutting into the sides of the frame. Thanks ladies!

Shooting weddings and parties you’ve got to be on your toes and alert! Standing on the side lines is not an option. Wearing plain black shoe like trainers in the evening for that extra bit of grip might have to come into the equation in case a guest scrum starts! ;^) And something that’s less likely to slide on a wet floor should drinks be spilt on the dance floor would help ensure I continue to shoot to the end without any mishaps..

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Movember Party People

by on Nov.29, 2009, under Party!, Portraits

Movember 27th I was working in Milton Keynes and got home around 8PM after 3 hours on buses & trains. The family went out for dinner. Towards the end of the meal my step son Laurence said I should go to the Movember party anyway even though it was now late.

A number of Movember guests could be seen at Battersea Park station, already on their way home. Nuts I thought. Was the party winding down already?

Not a chance! Despite getting there just after midnight it was the best 3 hours of partying I’ve had for a while! JC and all the other Movember team, thanks for putting on a great party. See you next year!
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Party People! Thurst 09/10/09

by on Oct.10, 2009, under Party!

A massive thanks to Rory & Paul for inviting me to their birthday party in THURST, Greek St,  all of the party people that turned up and the DJ for some great tracks. I’ve got a first batch of images starting to upload at the moment (05:45AM!), more to follow over the weekend after some much needed kip.

To the young lady who asked me “Is that a camera? Are you on facebook?” and then did an impromptu shoot with her friends while we waited for the night bus “Many thanks” to you and your friends for making the journey home a fun one and keeping me awake!

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