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“Waiting for Green” – G11 at the ready

by on Sep.02, 2013, under Street Photography

While on a very short break with family to Holland to see my step son Laurence we spotted a number of forms of wheeled transport being used by the locals, much of it human powered. Thousands of bicycles, a few long board skate boards and the odd person on roller blades. I loved the fact that they all queued up in the cycle lanes.  I was travelling light camera wise but had the G11 over my shoulder and realised what was going to happen just in time to get this shot. There had been a third person, a guy on a moped at the back, but he’d been impatient and jumped the lights leaving only the ladies. Looking back at what I’d seen it makes for a better image anyway as the two ladies are on the thirds lines.

Processed in Lightroom 5.

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She brought a bit of colour to a grey London day

by on Feb.18, 2013, under Portraits, Street Photography

I’d gone up to London to photograph a number of streets for a business contact of mine. Having mapped out the exact locations to shoot on Google maps the night before I knew the next stop was within walking distance, no need for a bus or tube. But thanks to London buses a visitor to England was sat waiting. Like Zia, Claire, Annaliisa and a number of others that caught my eye she had attention grabbing hair, cropped short on one side and coloured and long the other. Not having used the ringflash for a quick Street Photography shot I didn’t know if I’d be able to get all the bits together in time. It’s quick to assemble, but would it be quick enough? As you can see, the answer is yes. And then there was her #11 bus and she and her mother were gone.
Welcome to the lineup miss, love the hair! :)

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Have a DONT list and get out there and do it!

by on Apr.05, 2012, under Portraits, Street Photography

I watched the tail end of a live Scott Kelby video tonight, his closing words were about people that complain that they don’t get the shots they’d like, partly because they don’t go out at the right time of day to get the best light [or bring it], or don’t find the interesting or photogenic subjects to shoot.  It reminded me of the evening I did a quick Street Photography shot of the lady you see here.

It had been a regular day in the city and I was moments from home.  Standing with my camera bag strapped to my back I was gazing out through the windows to the buildings on our side of the road.

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Today’s post is brought to you by the letters J and M

by on Sep.28, 2011, under Fashion, Portraits, Street Photography

It’s one of those days. I get to Victoria to see crowds of people outside the tube entrance. Multiple tube line failures and “Please help us by finding alternate routes to your destination” coming over the tannoy. Behind me Jess is having a cigarette. I love her hair style and ask for a shot. It turns out Jess is a makeup artists, so was definitely getting a card. For a change I shot without any flash, just making use of the strong light behind her. I’d asked her if she could move so that we had the other people behind us and not the plain grey wall by which she stood.

The queue for the taxi rank was insane so I thought I’d jump on a bus. Never again! The trip took far too long in slow moving traffic. On the trip there were two stunning women, one applying flawless makeup while the bus wobbled and bounced around, how she avoided drawing lines across her face with the various makeups was beyond me. The other was in a dress that would make even Jessica Rabbit envious. Not wanting to appear as a GWC I concentrated on editing the shot of Jess. Hold on, stunning makeup alone is not reason enough to ask for a shot? The team at FACEON would be disappointed. I need to reevaluate my tick list for my Strangers photography!

Thanks to an elderly man that boarded I moved further back in the bus in order to give him the priority seat. On one of the unoccupied seats was a copy of Stylist magazine.

Inside was Jade’s new advert for Revlon. The matt undersaturated printing wont do her and Revlon full justice. Congrats on winning Britain & Ireland’s Next Top Model Jade!

So here’s to Jess, Jade, Models, Makeup Artists and anyone rocking makeup, especially those applying it under less than ideal conditions! You all made the mad trip in more tolerable.

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Long Boards and Camera Gear

by on Sep.23, 2011, under Kit Bag, Street Photography

On the way to the train I spotted the young lady here with a helmet hanging from her back pack and amazing longboard. A cool prop for a strangers shot. She must be quite a sight to behold as she surfs her way across London in the evenings. I didn’t catch her name, after a short while chatting about the board, the shots and handing her my card she was off like a flash.

Thanks to the autumn evenings getting dark so fast it was time to break out the flash. With all the orange lights on around the station front I felt the full CTO filter and shooting with white balance set to tungsten would produce a better image.

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Pink or Blue hair? I hope TfL are happy with both!

by on Sep.09, 2011, under Portraits, Street Photography

If you’ve been following my posts then I expect you’ll know by now that people who colour their hair are highly likely to catch my eye and get asked for a photo.  Zia was one of the first with her great blue hair.  There have been blue, pink, purple, red and part red.  Like Zia a couple of people that caught my attention Friday evening had coordinated make-up too. The young lady to the left with her great pink and blue hair and matching eye shadow was one. She works in security and is about to interview with Transport for London. I do hope TfL have a relaxed policy on hair and make-up, it would be such a shame to see her have to dye it just one colour.

The second person I’d spotted may well inspire a studio shoot. She had very pail skin, short almost white hair cut very much like the wig we’d used in the pink themed shoot with Julie. To further enhance the look she wore white lipstick. With her hair and face so white her blue eyes really stood out.  She was walking at a real pace and by the time the old brain had finished doing a quick recap of what my eyes had seen and filed it under “Strong looks to mention to MUAs” she’d crossed a couple of junctions and was well on her way..

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Musical Hair Bands and Listening about Best Sides

by on Sep.01, 2011, under Fashion, Portraits, Street Photography

I’d spent the whole day with my head in my old Bose QCII cans listening to the new NERO album on heavy repeat while coding. On the way home I’d spotted a few stand-out people in London but they were moving fast and I wasn’t about to start running after anyone. I sat on the train editing the last of the images of baby Zack and surfing for WordPress plugs to help control the sites widgets. Widget Logic rocks! As I got to the steps of the station and thought of walking or getting a bus home I spotted a young lady also in headphones coming down the steps.

With her brilliant hair the cans were not just audio equipment but had become a fashion accessory. She passed me and I carried on a few steps, then thought “Don’t ask, don’t get” and doubled back. She agreed to have her photo taken and sat patiently as I got the strobe and soft box together. She told me she’s a part time student, I kicked myself afterwards for not asking what music she was listening too! She agreed to walk over to the station staffs box on the platform so I could use it as a plain backdrop. I asked her to turn her face slightly away from me but to look at me with her eyes. She wasn’t sure about the first shot and asked to try her other side. With the camera being right handed I must have looked like a right muppet with my arms crossed holding the flash to the camera right. On checking that shot too she wasn’t happy. I told her about my 100Strangers experience and the Mirror image issues. She then said that she looked better straight on and we tried a third shot.

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Coat or cardigan I love it! Shooting in the rain

by on Aug.28, 2011, under Fashion, Street Photography

Friday evening was rather wet in South East England, all part of a typical unpredictable British summer. On the phone by the windows twelve floors up I watched the massive rain drops sailing past and thought “Hmmph. Not great weather for photography”. Then I noticed some of the bright umbrellas the rain was bouncing off.   I reminded myself of a commitment I’d made some time ago (read the rest of the post…)

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Bikes, Big Bags and Welly Boots

by on Aug.19, 2011, under Street Photography

There was a unique mix of fashion on display this bright sunny morning at Victoria. Lots of girls in t-shirts, shorts and straw hats with large backpacks looking like they were ready to enjoy the weekend and were starting early. The mass of Wellington boots spoke volumes. British weather is so unpredictable! It’s live music time again, specifically the V Festival.

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Fridays Angels

by on Aug.05, 2011, under Portraits, Street Photography

 Heading home this evening I definitely had “that Friday feeling”, my favourite dance tracks lifting my spirits further as I got to the station. Work done, I was in the mood for some play time – Street Photography. Walking around the front of the station I spotted Nadia and loved what she’d done with her hair. The earrings complemented it perfectly. Being asked if I’d mind if she put on some lip-gloss before photos was the best “yes” I think I’ve had to a photo request ever! Standing under a sign on the wall to the station I though we could find something better as a backdrop and asked if she’d mind walking to the side of the coffee shop. As we reached it her phone rang and she jokingly told the caller “I’ve found someone to replace you!”. It turned out her partner Ashley is a freelance Photographer, Designer and Illustrator. I’ll be checking out his site to see if he can do some work for me. I loved the first shot but was asked to delete it if given more as Nadia wasn’t happy with how her neck had looked. To the left of the wall was a door with a porthole window. I wish I’d reacted quicker and got a shot, the look on the face of the lady peering out at us was priceless.

I’m normally happy with shooting one stranger and heading home. Tonight would be different… (read the rest of the post…)

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