• Hey Mark, I've just seen some of the pictures on your website and I have to say I think you did an absolutely wonderful job! I think you're a great photographer and I felt very comfortable working with you! I looked through your website a bit as well and I would definitely say you have a great vision! Thank you again for yesterday, it was a great experience. I'll be sure to give my friend your card. Tyler

  • "Finding a photographer that really understands what you want from your wedding pictures can be a daunting process. After all he or she only has one day to get it right. However, as an editor who has worked with many photographers, I cannot recommend Mark enough to take pictures for your wedding. My husband and I used him for our wedding in March and yet to look at the pictures you would think it was a glorious day in the summer. That was down to his skills - not the weather! We met with Mark around three months prior to the wedding to talk through the kind of shots we want. I was very keen to have candid, party or 'society-style' shots to reflect our fun day. One of the things that impressed me at first about Mark was how thorough he is. He asked a lot of questions. A lot. We talked about the shots we'd feel comfortable doing, which family members had to be involved and when, what if it was raining, and so on. We all left the initial meeting really excited for the day and I knew I could trust Mark completely to do what we had asked. On the day of the wedding Mark arrived on time and did everything as we asked. In actual fact he was there before anyone else to scope out some shots and to get the first guests into the spirit of things. Looking back at the pictures of themselves, all of our guests said it was amazing how many shots he took of everyone and yet at the time they barely knew he was there. That is quite a skill. Not only is Mark meticulous while planning and taking photographs but his post-production work is seriously impressive. (I won't go into it now but please do ask him what he can with your eyes should you find them closed on a picture...) Not that I'm saying you will need any post-production work but looking back at our group shots after the wedding a noticed something odd. We had a wedding crasher! He was nestled right in the middle of all our guests. Naturally I was quite upset about this but Mark came to the rescue and in a matter of hours had edited him and moved another of our (invited) guests to take his place. This was all part of his after care service. The only trouble I had with Mark's pictures is that there were far too many amazing shots and I can't decide which is 'the one' to have framed. I have got around this by having a handful printed and can change it frequently! My pictures are available for you to look through online - I am that proud of them." Marie and James Incles

  • "Our wedding day was fantastic and we were left with many happy memories. Thankfully Mark, our wedding photographer, was able to capture those memories to preserve forever. Mark has created some amazing images and has dedicated many hours of work into creating a beautiful photographic record of our day. His advanced camera and digital photography editing techniques has enabled us to have some really imaginative and unique photograph styles. We particularly like the film strip photos he created. His calming influence on the proceedings of the day meant that we never felt hassled by our photographer or that his photography was intrusive. His level of professionalism made him the perfect choice for our special day. Thank you for our wonderful photographs and for allowing us to look back on the special moments of our wedding day." Sam and Tim Shallcross  

  • .. Mark was so good, I did not even notice he was there but he obviously was by the exceptional photos that he took .." Michele and Richard Harvey
    ".. We are very pleased with the wedding pictures that Mark did for us. He was polite and efficient on the evening and the pictures were sent to us very quickly .." Amy and Eddie Redding

  • "Well it all began at Marks and Spencer's one afternoon when Mark approached me for a photo while I was leaving from lunch with my mum. As soon as Mark started talking I felt interested in what he was doing for a 100 Strangers project and as I saw his album I was impressed with the photo's he had taken. Following on from our initial meeting I really liked the pictures he had taken and posted on Flickr. Mark suggested I do some studio shots and he started talking me to some ideas he had. I really liked the idea of a Strawberries and Cream theme and this soon developed into a champagne picnic. I had a great day in the studio, Mark is professional, yet extremely calming and I felt really relaxed working with Mark. I hope Mark goes really far with his photography he clearly has a real passion for it and I would happily jump at another chance to work with Mark again. I was very pleased with the results as were my friends and family." Julie Dillip

  • "I have been following Mark Emery's photography since we first came across one another nearly three years ago. The most amazing thing is that while Mark never runs out of ideas, the calibre of his work down to the minute detail remains consistently excellent. Mark strives to get all of the elements behind each perfect shot just right, and he is still able to help the model(s) strike a natural pose which helps bring the whole piece of art together in a brilliant final product. Even personal work or a technical example can be held to his high standards. Stay tuned, Mark is sure to impress." Mark Humphreys, Photographer, Cleveland, Ohio, USA